Benefits of Brazed Assembly

You want to make sure your pipes are taken care of and in proper order at all times. If they are not manufactured in an appropriate way, you might find that something can break at the worst possible time. Spinco metal products which use a brazed assembly is a great way to make sure your project is going to work the way it should. Some of the benefits which you can get from this kind of assembly include:

  • Safer than Alternatives – The process doesn’t produce the toxic fumes and high temperatures of alternative methods.
  • The joints are Strong – Brazed assembly allows you to get strong joints which are going to be able to hold up to a lot of pressure no matter what. In fact, brazed metals have been shown to have strengths which are even better than filler metal
  • The Joints which are Produced with Brazed Assembly will be Ductile – This means they will be able to withstand high levels of vibration and shock.
  • The Joints can be Produced Quickly and Easily – Meaning you will not have to wait around for a long time in order to get the parts which you need made.
  • Can Join Together Dissimilar Metals – It might not always be possible to connect parts together which are made of different metals. This is not a problem when you decide to use brazed assembly.
  • Can Join Metals Which have Various Cross Sections – With welding, you need to have the metals be about the same size. With brazing you will be able to get them connected even if they are of different sizes.
  • It is an Easy Process – With brazed assembly, you will be able to join your piece in just one process. You will not have to do extra work such as mechanical finishing, filing, or grinding when the joint is done. This can be really beneficial when you are doing plating.
  • Can Distribute Stress and Heat – The fillet is going to be manufactured to resist any type of fatigue so you will not have to worry about it breaking apart.
  • Joining is Easy no Matter the Situation – You will be able to join together both simple geometries and more complex geometries so this method will work with whatever project you need.

As you can see, Spinco Metal products brazed assemblies make it easy to get your project done as it will save you money while also keeping those difficult pieces together.

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