Fabricated Products We Produce From Tubing and CNC Machine Turnings

Spun Copper Products
Driers, Dryers, Accumulators, Check Valves, Mufflers, Strainers, Distributors, Drier Assemblies, Accumulator Assemblies, Strainer Assemblies

Brazed Products
Simple and Complex Assemblies, Suction Line Assemblies, Brazed Tube Heat Exchangers, Assemblies Incorporating Our Parts and Purchased Components

Fabricated Tubing
Bent Tubing, Simple Hand and Single Machine Bends,
CNC Multiple Bends, End Forming, Hole Creation, Coils, Serpentines, Cut-To-Length

CNC Machined Turnings
Brass and Aluminum Refrigerant Distributors
Custom Low and Mid Volume Turnings
Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Stainless

Tubing: Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass

One Stop Procurement Of Specialized Components and Simple to Complex Brazed Assemblies

Our diverse product offering can result in many opportunities to buyers:Spun Copper Driers

  • Reduce the amount of suppliers
  • Reduce the amount of purchased parts
  • Stocking at Spinco with deliveries as needed
  • Reduced invoices received
  • Reduced Purchase orders required
  • Reduced receiving activitites
  • Reduced shipping costs

Early Consultation By Procurement and Engineering can result in the following opportunities:

  • Elimination of tees and elbows (purchased parts)
  • Reduction in opportunities for leak points
  • Maximizing design while minimizing cost

Customer General Cost Avoidance

  • Reduce manpower
  • Avoid or reduce equipment investment
  • Free up manufacturing space for expanded business
  • Reduce materials needed for manufacturing in house
  • Reduce scrap and disposal of it
  • Reduce cost of stocking and handling of materials