Major Contribution to Sustainability

Spinco Metal Products provides foam and foam insulation to reduce the energy necessary to keep refrigerators and freezers cold. Foam and foam insulation is essential to the preservation of food storage, receiving and distribution. Polyurethane foam is structurally strong due to the rigidity of the foam. It is also an extremely cost effective option for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Refrigeration systems use up to 30% of consumers household electricity; using foam and foam insulation has dramatically reduced this cost over the last decade.

Insulators for Consumer and Commercial Products

Foam and foam insulation are critical components of present day refrigeration products. Insulation is an essential factor in maintaining temperature and control condensation. Foam acts as both a structurally supportive and insulating material. Due to the affordability and accessibility of foam and foam insulation, Spinco Metal Products can readily meet stringent standards for Energy Star ratings. Foam and foam insulation provides sturdy support while remaining relatively light in weight, which cuts down on transportation costs. When we install foam and foam insulation material we meet rigorous standards for application.

Innovative Leader for Nearly 50 Years

Since 1966, Spinco Metal Products has been the future of HVAC components and assemblies. We have invested millions of dollars into manufacturing and custom made equipment. We are committed to providing quality products at respectable prices. We are consistently regarded as a leading innovator in the refrigeration industry. Spinco Metal Products also develops new machinery to produce quality products in a more cost effective manner.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

At Spinco Metal Products our customers play an important role in research and development. We have made several developments over the years that are a direct result of customer request and involvement. We are proud to continue to offer quality products in a constantly changing market.