Machined Products and Specialized Assemblies include:

  • Refrigerant Distributors
  • CNC Machined Turnings
  • Eliminator Distributors
  • Refrigerant Distributor Assemblies
  • Venturi Distributors
  • Nozzle Distributors
  • Flare-Type Distributors
  • Heat Pump and Hot Gas Defrost Distributors
  • Male Swivel Tube-O Type
  • Female Swivel Tube-O Type

One Source Manufacturer of Brass and Copper Components and Assemblies

Decades of Experience

Brass and Copper Components and AssembliesSpinco has been making brazed assemblies for decades. Now, with the addition of brass component manufacturing under the same roof, not one supplier of copper tubing components or brass machined components offers the wide range of products and expertise as Spinco Metal Products. Complexity of your assemblies is not a concern. Spinco has been helping customers reduce components and simplify designs for years.


Increase Quality Control And Improve Material Costs

All components and assemblies are completely fabricated from raw materials within our single facility. We can assure the lowest cost for your brazed assemblies because we are not purchasing components. This means total quality control, from start to finish, under one roof. You have the satisfaction of knowing your specifications will be understood and met throughout the process.

Reduce Your Supplier Base And Improve Material Control

Buying complete assemblies from Spinco will reduce the amount of parts you purchase, the amount of suppliers you have to deal with and offer you greater parts control though more efficient scheduling and delivery.

Reduce Your Labor And Increase Manufacturing Space

If your company strives to reduce costs by limiting your labor force, we can help. Why add extra production personnel when you can buy from us? Additionally, many companies are looking for more efficient ways to utilize floor space. Do what most OEM’s do best, making their finished product. Allow Spinco to do what is best for you, making components and assemblies.

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Bi-Flow Distributors

+Bi-Flow Distributors

Bi-Flow Distributors

We offer two basic styles of “piston type” flow metering devices, (“Bi-Flow Distributors”) as shown above.

A popular method of eliminating costly “expansion valves”, difficult to control “Capillary Tubing” and sometimes leaky check valves, this device contains a precision machined “Orifice Piston”. This piston strictly regulates flow in one direction, while allowing relatively open flow in the opposite direction.

When two of these units are installed back to back between the condenser and evaporator, with the proper size pistons, they provide performance and control in a heat pump unit.

We offer a wide range of variations of this product. The connections may be provided in any size and configuration you may require. The circuit tubing may also be provided in the size, shape and quantity you need to fit your application.

These units may also be purchased in any stage of completion. We can provide a unit complete with piston, torqued to specification and ready to install into your unit, or you may purchase any of these components separately.

Brass Bi-Flow Distributor

Shown above, are two examples of our most popular Bi-Flow Distributors. A full assembly consists of; a distributor body, distributor tubes, an orifice piston, a nut, a Teflon gasket and an end piece. As a full assembly, the nut is torqued to 20 ft/lbs and is ready to install into your unit. These distributors can be manufactured with copper tubing of various O.D.’s and lengths. The copper tubing can be expanded on the ends to fit your connection dimensions. Custom designs are welcomed.

Below is the nomenclature to assist you in selecting the Spinco part number that suits your application. Contact our sales department at 315-331-6285 and our representatives will gladly assist you.

Example: 72041201-055

Bi-Flow Distributor Nomenclature


  • To order the above assembly, less the orifice piston, simply drop the -055.
    • (The unit will be shipped un-assembled unless it is requested to be assembled).
  • To omit any other part of the unit, simply replace the appropriate digit(s) with zero(s).
    • Ex: 7204000 is a Bi-Flow distributor body ONLY, with four circuit holes, for 1/8″ tubing.
  • To order this same distributor with 12″ long circuit tubes installed, the part number is; 72041200.

Nut Only = 75-01
Gasket Only = P900033-1
End Piece Only = 75EPXX

75EP001 = 3/8″ Tube, 2 5/8″ long, one end expanded to 3/8″ I.D.
75EP002 = 3/8″ Straight Tube, 1 1/8″ long
75EP003 = 1/2″ Straight Tube, 1 13/16″ long
75EP004 = 1/2″ Tube, 2 1/2″ long, one end expanded to 1/2″ I.D.
75EP005 = 3/8″ Tube, 1 1/8″ long, one end expanded to 3/8″ I.D.


+Orifice Pistons and Piston Kits

(For Bi-Flow Distributors)

Piston Kits

Piston kits are provided so that the customer may change the piston in the field, in order to optimize the unit. The piston is sealed in a plastic bag, with complete directions on how to extract to existing piston and install the new one. Also included are; a wire hook to remove the existing piston, a new gasket and a label to identify the size piston inside the unit once it is sealed back up. The pistons come in two basic body styles and can be provided with either teflon or neoprene seals.

“fluted” piston with teflon seal

Fluted piston with teflon seal
“fluted” piston with neoprene seal

Fluted piston with neoprene seal
“fluted” piston

Fluted piston

When ordering simply use the style number followed by the three digit orifice I.D. (EX: 75PK055)

Orifice Pistons:

Pistons may also be purchased separately, (as may all other components of a Bi-Flow Distributor Assembly). When shipped separately, they are packaged in plastic protective tubes as shown below. No special instructions are needed. Simply order the size orifice piston you require.

Orifice Pistons

Brass Refrigerant Distributors

+Refrigerant Distributors

Refrigerant distributors consist of two basic designs, the “Orifice Type” and the “Low Pressure Type”. Spinco Metal Products manufactures both types in a wide range of variations. The “Orifice Type” may have a permanent or a replaceable nozzle, depending on the body style selected. The nozzle mixes the two phase fluid and regulates the flow of fluid through the orifice, into the circuit passages and on to the coil. Various nozzles can be selected for the proper loads required as determined by the chart below. This allows the use of one body type for several application.

The “Low Pressure Type” has a radius on the inlet of the “throat”. The fluid flows through the radius and throat, into diverging circuit holes and on to the coil. The radius versus the flat orifice face results in the lower pressure drop across this style distributor. The throat diameter is sized according to the number and size of circuits required and cannot be altered in the field.

Evaporator Temperature – Degrees F.

Brass Refrigerant Evaporator TemperatureNozzles and retainer rings can be purchased separately. The sizes of the orifice and nozzle body are required. Use the chart below to reference the necessary information. Optional threaded holes are available upon request.

Brass Refrigerant ComponentBrass Refrigerant Nozzle Dimensions
Tapped holes available upon request. These holes do not alter the function of the nozzle and are seldom used.





+Heat Pump and Hot Gas Defrost Distributors

When ordering Heat Pump and Hot Gas Distributors, specify number and size of side connections.

Heat Pump and Hot Gas DistributorsHeat Pump and Hot Gas DistributorsHeat Pump and Hot Gas DistributorsHeat Pump and Hot Gas DistributorsHeat Pump and Hot Gas Distributors


+Flare - Type Low Pressure Drop Distributors

Flare - Type Low Pressure Drop DistributorsFlare - Type Low Pressure Drop DistributorsFlare - Type Low Pressure Drop Distributors

Flare - Type Low Pressure Drop Distributors

Flare - Type Low Pressure Drop Distributors

Flare - Type Low Pressure Drop Distributors


To order distributors without a flare tube or nut use “0F”, (zero F), as shown. The neck diameter will be supplied to fit inside an unexpanded tube.







+O-Ring Adapter Fittings (37 Degree JIC Type)

O-Ring Adapter Fittings (37 Degree JIC Type)


Variations of Length & Tube Connections Available

Variations of Length & Tube Connections Available