Expert in Polyurethane Products

Spinco Metal Products maintains a high standard of testing and qualification for rigid hydraulic lines. Polyurethanes are an integral part in major appliances that consumers use on a daily basis. Using rigid polyurethane foam to create rigid hydraulic lines is an essential and cost effective method of meeting required energy ratings in refrigerators and freezers and is a key element is the preservation of food during processing, storage, and distribution.

Benefits of Rigid Hydraulic Lines

Our rigid polyurethane foam not only meets energy ratings for excellent insulation but also provides support to the structure. Using polyurethane for rigid hydraulic lines is a cost effective manufacturing solution, it is affordable therefore keeps the cost of refrigerators and freezers down. Despite being very robust and strong, rigid hydraulic lines are also very light, therefore reducing transportation costs. Our products also have a long service life, thanks to energy efficient developments; refrigerators are now up to 60% more effective than they were 15 years ago.

Half a Century of Quality

For nearly 50 years Spinco Metal Products has been creating high quality HVAC components, copper brazed tubing, and refrigeration components for trade professionals. We have invested millions of dollars over the years to produce a range of parts and assemblies to meet customer’s environmental needs. All of our manufacturing is completed under one roof.

A Leader in the Refrigeration Industry

Spinco Metal Products continues to be an innovator in refrigeration. We have developed systems to create better products in a faster, more efficient, and cost effective manor. The Spinco Metal Products facility was expanded in 1994 and now spans over 60,000 square feet. Our products and services consistently exceed customer expectations. Customers play a direct role in our research and design process with requests and ideas leading to progressive innovation. We are constantly growing to accommodate a market that is constantly changing.