Reasons to Choose Spinco Metal Products For Brass Refrigerant Distributors

If you’re looking for a supplier of well-made refrigeration components, depend on us at Spinco Metal Products. We have been making brazed assemblies for decades, and can also serve as a brass refrigerant distributor, because we have a brass component manufacturing facility. Keep reading to learn more about why it’s a good idea to choose us as your single-source manufacturer.

Enjoy Lower Costs for Refrigeration Parts

We fabricate parts from raw materials within our in-house facility. Because we don’t have to purchase components like many of our competitors do, that means the cost to you is less.

Excellent Level of Quality Control

Since we handle every part of the fabrication process, a high level of quality control is maintained from start to finish. Rely on us to understand your specifications for refrigeration components, and make sure they are met to your satisfaction.

Eliminate the Need to Manufacture Parts at Your Own Facility

In an effort to reduce costs, many of our customers initially try to avoid working with a brass refrigerant distributor, and instead rely on in-house production personnel. Rather than taking that approach and potentially compromising your amount of available workspace, leave the tasks to us.

As leaders in the tube fabrication industry, Spinco Metal Products can provide you with complete assemblies and other components for refrigerated appliances. Our knowledge allows you to reduce your dependence on multiple suppliers and streamline your operations. Contact us today to find out more about our capabilities, and how those skills could be helpful to you as a manufacturer.

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