Spinco Metal Products and ServicesEmphasis on quality products and  services and continuous improvement is the highest priority of Spinco. We recognize this as a primary factor in creating the confidence and long term relationships with our customers that will continue to build our company and maintain us as a major component manufacturer.

Our formal quality program and continuous improvement process is designed to meet the ever increasing needs of our customers. Our quality team will work with you to achieve your individual requirement.

Our quality department is consistently monitoring the requirements of the compressor manufacturers, desiccant manufacturers and industry organizations that issue requirements related with the new developments in our industry. Spinco is fully aware of such issues as the new refrigerants, compatibility of desiccants, and system contamination concerns.


Quality Means Total Customer Satisfaction. Through teamwork and personal effectiveness, we are committed to providing defect-free products and services that meet our internal and external customer’s needs – “on time, every time”.


Total Customer Satisfaction is the job of every Spinco employee and success is achieved through employee effectiveness and teamwork. Unless we achieve Total Customer Satisfaction, we can not achieve our company vision.

Spinco Metal Products is an expert manufacturer of Tube Fabrication products. Constantly developing our skills as an expert Tube Fabricator over the years, millions of dollars have been invested as well as updating custom-made equipment. With these updates and investments, the team at Spinco is able to produce a range of simple to very complex parts and assemblies that are most assuredly able to perform to your environments needs.