Spinco Metal Products Can Assist You With Fabricated Tubing

At Spinco Metal Products, we make constant updates and investments in tube bending and fabrication equipment, which allows us to remain an industry leader. Whereas some of our customers only require tubes bent in single, simple angles, we can also tackle much more complex jobs, such as serpentines, tube-within-tube coils, and others. Contact us today to find out how we can handle your copper tube fabrication needs.

Solutions for Tight Radius Bending in Copper Tube Fabrication

Our experienced team understands how problems like tube flattening can sometimes occur during attempts to perform tight radius bends. Ask us about copper return bends that can accommodate 180-degree angles, or find out how we have developed a range of unique bending dies by using our UTE bender tool.

Fabricated Tubing Made From a Wide Variety of Materials

In addition to making sure we can craft tubing in the shapes you require, we also want to present you with several options for materials used. Common choices include brass, aluminum, and copper. However, many of our customers request stainless steel tubing, because they manufacture beverage equipment, as well as refrigeration products. In that case, we only use prepassivated beverage-grade stainless steel.

We are Experts in Fabricated Tubing

Discuss your needs with us, especially if you’re under the impression the specifications you require would either be too costly, or just not feasible.

Spinco Metal Products enjoys a high standard for Documented Brazer Testing and Qualification, and the Specification for Torch Brazing, according to ANSI and AWS specifications. Contact us today to find out how we could help you.

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