Spinco Metal Products Capabilities Include:

  • Tube Fabrication
  • Brazing and Brazed Assemblies, Tubing
  • Bending and Bent Tubing: Serpentine, Simple and Multiple CNC Bends, Circular Coils, Pancake Coils, Helical Coils, Square Coils.
  • Tubing: Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Steel
  • End Forming: Swaging, Reduction, Bifurcating, End Spinning, End Closing, Beading (radius and straight), Flaring, Expansion
  • Hole Forming: Extrusion, Intrusion, Notching, Drilling, Punching
  • Brass Refrigerant Components and Assemblies: CNC Machined Turnings

Equipment Investment: Over the years Spinco has invested in, improved upon and upgraded over $2,000,000 of tube fabricating equipment and CNC turning equipment. Our core competencies are Tube Fabrication and Turned Machined Products.

Expertise: From cut-to-length to extremely complex brazed assemblies incorporating our parts and purchased components, we can offer our customers the widest array of tube fabrication and turnings of any competitor. Those processes that result in the best products are:

  • Reduce Cost, Increase Quality: We can reduce braze joints by incorporating multiple complex bends to reduce the amount of piece parts. As important, our end forming processes allow us to eliminate costly tees, elbows and end reducer fittings.
  • Metals we Fabricate: Copper, Steel, Stainless, Aluminum & Brass
  • Brass Refrigerant Components and Assemblies: With the addition of this product line, Spinco Metal Products has positioned itself to meet the demands of our customers requiring one source for multiple products. Supplier reduction, one source engineering design and many other benefits now can be achieved by working with Spinco Metal Products. Ask our sales department personnel or field representatives in your area to provide you with more information about our venturi style brass distributors, nozzle style brass distributors, brass flow raters and the ability to make complex assemblies encompassing tubing and these machines products
  • Custom Machined Turnings: Other than just HVAC related components, Spinco Metal Products can machine many other types of fittings from brass, copper, aluminum, steel and stainless.

Contact our sales department today at 315-331-6285 with your interest or for more information on our HVAC Components and Assemblies.