Spinco Is A Supplier Of Spun Copper Driers And More

Spun copper driers are specifically made for low-vibration, fractional horsepower refrigeration devices. Made from molecular sieve and refrigeration-grade copper tubing, they usually include a screen or mesh portion.

A Smart Choice for Driers and Accessories

For almost thirty years, Spinco Metal Products has been a supplier of high-quality parts that cater to air conditioner and refrigerator manufacturers. We oversee every part of the creation process and have a clear understanding of the precise requirements related to new refrigerants. Depend on us as a resource for full drier assemblies, or just if you need a single part, such as a copper strainer.

Shopping for a Strainer

When choosing a strainer, it’s always important to consider the maximum operating pressure of your system, along with the type and amount of contaminants likely to accumulate in the system. All Spinco strainers have screens that are firmly crimped into a screen-holder or collar before getting inserted into the strainer shell.

Reasons to Buy Spun Copper Driers from Spinco

Over the years, we have adapted to meet demands by making products designed to work with particular refrigerants. One example is our Dura Sieve Drier. It’s made for use with R134A refrigerant, and is a solid core product housed inside of a copper shell.

As an expert manufacturer of tube fabrication products, Spinco is well equipped to meet your needs, whether you need a copper strainer, or similar component. We also maintain ANSI and AWS standards and specifications. Shop with us today and benefit from working with a specialty manufacturer that understands your industry.

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