Why Don’t You Let Us Do That?

Spinco Metal Products Assists OEM Clients By Providing Streamlined Service

In the past, manufacturers that required complicated refrigeration assemblies used to have no choice but to negotiate with several parts suppliers, not to mention facilities that could handle in-house brazing and tube cutting. After many years of tolerating that lengthy process, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer Thermal Product Solutions decided it was time for a change.

Spinco Metal Products Helped Reduce Costs

That change came when the manufacturer of temperature test chambers began to rely upon Spinco Metal Products, and now enjoys substantial savings as a result of lower inventory costs. Instead of having components being stored on the manufacturing floor prior to being used, the Thermal Product Solutions team can simply order pre-built assemblies on an as-needed basis.

Components Were Built to Minimize Problems

Spinco was also able to build parts for Thermal Product Solutions that had fewer soldered joints. That improved design reduced the potential for leaks, which meant being able to offer a higher quality product for customers.

Test Chambers for Demanding Industries

Thermal Product Solutions is involved with making temperature benchtop and floor model test chambers that are used during quality assurance and reliability testing in the pharmaceutical, electronic, and military sectors. Each chamber has a cascade refrigeration system that was in development for 30 years.

Although some competing companies were not willing to take on the challenge of manufacturing that component, it was not too difficult for the knowledgeable experts at Spinco Metal Products.

Thanks to strict quality control measures that are in place during every part of Spinco’s manufacturing process, representatives from companies like Thermal Product Solutions can enjoy consistent results that bring peace of mind.


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