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Tubing Fabrication

As an industry leader in specialized refrigeration products, Spinco Metal Products, Inc. continually invests in our equipment. We have state-of-the-art tube bending and tube fabrication equipment to manufacture simple, single angles to more complex multiple bends. We also produce various types of tubular coils that include serpentines, circular coils, single plane “pancake” coils, tube within tube coils and others. Along with our brazed assemblies and machined parts, we have all your refrigeration components needs covered under one roof.

What Separates Spinco’s Products From the Rest?

We often see that tight radius bending causes problems. For that, we have developed techniques to reduce or eliminate tube flattening and other issues. We are problem solvers at heart, and our tool and die department has developed many unique bending dies. We also provide a wide range of stock bend dies and we will offer design alternatives to reduce your product costs.

End Forming

Our end forming capabilities can help reduce the overall cost of tubular products and the amount of parts within assemblies. We are able to cold form, or spin ends of your products to the connection sizes necessary to eliminate additional parts such as connectors and elbows. Our capabilities include multiple inlet/outlet end forms, radius beads, standard beads, double and single flares, swages, and saddles.

Cut To Length Tubing

Spinco is a supplier of cut-to-length tubing that ranges from capillary sizes to four inches in diameter. Being the first step for all of our product manufacturing, we have invested in the equipment necessary and developed the techniques necessary to provide quality, burr-free, cut-to-length tubing.

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