Since 1966

      Spinco Metal Products, located in Newark, New York, has been supplying the highest quality, cost effective HVAC Components, Copper Brazed Tubing Assemblies, and Refrigeration Components to professionals of the trade.
Spinco Metal Products is an expert manufacturer of Tube Fabrication products. Constantly developing our skills as an expert Tube Fabricator over the years, millions of dollars have been invested as well as updating custom-made equipment. With these updates and investments, the team at Spinco is able to produce a range of simple to very complex parts and assemblies that are most assuredly able to perform to your environments needs. In 1994, Spinco acquired a brass refrigerant component manufacturing company. We expanded our facility to 60,000 sq. feet to accommodate all of our manufacturing under one roof. New equipment, new processes, and increased capabilities continue to be developed. Lean practices are a routine to assist us with containing costs. Spinco Metal Products, Inc. maintains a high standard with Documented Brazer Testing and Qualification in accordance with ANSI/AWS B2.2-91 "Standard for Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification". ANSI/AWS C3.4M/C3.4:2007 "Specification for Torch Brazing".
Our inventory includes, but is not limited to, copper tube fabrication, stainless steel tube fabrication, aluminum tube fabrication, and CNC machined turning products. Our companies major expertise is brazed copper fabricated tube assemblies made from parts we manufacture as well as incorporating purchased parts and our brass machined turnings when required.
Over the years, our customers have depended on us to help them solve thousands of engineering problems, as a result we have gained experience and developed the capabilities to help us meet your fabrication tubular parts and assembly requirements. Early design consultation can reduce costs, reducing the risk of quality issues, and maximizing the design.

Spinco Metal Products, Inc. can meet your needs call us today at 315-331-6285